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Jaw and facial injuries can result in lasting dental problems, which are often very painful, recurring and expensive to fix.

Sporting injuries and the pursuit of an active lifestyle are one of the major causes to dental injuries. At Dulwich Dental we make custom-fitted mouthguards for maximum protection during sports and other activities with high risk of impact to your face. We also provide mouthguards for your children, which is particularly important as their jaws are still in the developmental stage.

Custom-fit mouthguards offer numerous advantages including:

Their precise fit covers all areas of the teeth to offer the maximum level of comfort, opposed to store-bought mouthguards which offer very limited protection.

Their custom fit allows for effective communication and breathing ability to enhance your sporting experience.

Finally, at Dulwich Dental we can offer a custom-fitted mouthguard to match the colours of the majority of Australian Sporting Teams.

Mouthguards can play a very important part in protecting your and your children’s teeth and smile. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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